Loan Surveys for Real Estate Closings

Loan surveys for real estate closings are surveys showing the physical locations of house and improvements on the subject property along with acreage and ties from lot lines to building corners. Usually sent to an attorney for bank or closing.

Flood Elevation Certificates

Flood elevation certificates are for banks, insurance companies and governmental agencies who lend money, insure or approve certificates of occupancies for new or existing structures to know where the structures are in relation to FEMA flood hazard areas and elevations.

Contruction Layout

Construction layout can be services for homebuilders such as: plot plans, staking of footings, foundation surveys and final surveys for new houses. It can be staking of roadways, curb and gutter, storm drainage, commercial or industrial buildings.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

ACSM/ ALTA surveys or extensive surveys required by some lenders and title insurance companies for commercial or industrial sites.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are surveys that show the elevations of the land, usually performed for design purposes.

Subdivision Design

Subdivision design is the preparation of contruction plans and documents for the development of a subdivision.

Estate Surveys

Estate and farm surveys are surveys where families divide family land as per their loved one's request.











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